The Wait is Over, Long Lives the Wait

On Sunday morning, Willie and I discovered the first blossoms, Crocus chrysantha “Cream Beauty”, barely above the mulch and just enough sun to open. I made a gleeful dash for the camera.

We found other treasures posing around the place. Species tulips whirling up from under the Artemisia tridentata Tall Western Sage in the rock garden. And rolling up in purple splendor, leaves of some showy tulips an earlier gardener left by the front porch.

By afternoon, under a cold and cloudy sky, the crocus closed in prayerful wait.

Monday, nearly oppressive in gloom, there was nothing to do but tackle the inevitable covering my desk.

Late in the day, wet snow showered the city, staying in traces overnight. It took four long days of clouds, cold and wind to produce this shimmer. Blankets fell south and west of us. The storm got organized on its way to Kansas, or so I hear.

Tuesday is off to a cold start, but the sun is melting, first the clouds, then the streets.

I feel like more dashing. With so little snow and Wednesday’s promise of sun and 40’s, I’ll be able to work in the afternoon. Okay, that’s nearly 24 hours from now, but the urge of spring’s call is more potent than coffee, and who can sit through that?


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