Wave after wave of hail, ranging in size from peas to skull-busters, pummeled the neighborhood. Driven by stout upslope wind, sometimes the view to the back shed was obscured. The roar was deafening.

Couldn’t bring myself to assess the damage to the garden just yet. Thank goodness the summer is yet young.

Two and a half inches of rain on the city in just under two hours. Just southwest of the gardenhood, hail — some the size of baseballs — fell in such tremendous amounts, it had to be scooped from the road with front-end loaders. Wow.


16 thoughts on “Hail

  1. Love that picture–ice inside ice! We were spared, nothing significant, but when I was taking Lily downtown last night we could see what was going on there and beyond. We always have a few scary days and someone’s garden can be severely thrashed while their friend’s garden down the street is unscathed. P. S. There’s a story on hail by Tom Preble, who lives on the eastern plains, in the new issue (coming in the next few days!)

    • If I had the power to moderate the weather, I’d seriously consider if it was actually wise to do so. Dance, Jim, dance. Even if you can’t make it rain, you’ll feel better.

    • Thanks for asking, Rahima. I’ll try to tell the rest of the tale on the flat corner lot, as it unfolds. As to my “other” gardens, little to no damage, thank goodness.

  2. And we thought that 5 inches of rain in 4 days followed by a fairly hard frost on June 2nd was challenging! Grand Marais, MN

  3. Ah, the ephemeral nature of things…… on the other hand… oh Hail !!!
    I hope it wasn’t too much of a wipe out for your garden or the others I KNOW you’ve been living in lately this time of year.

    • Non-attachment: just as hard as it sounds, but we’re given lots of opportunity to practice.
      The good news: the gardens I tend for others suffered little to no damage.

  4. Cheryl, we saw the piles of hail on the internet news sites (no tv since we moved here, hallelujah!). I’m sorry to hear you are in the area affected. I know water is good, but basketball sized hail doesn’t qualify, in my book. Weather is nutty everywhere. Here in NC, we’re experiencing giant happy veggies growing in our gardens, and no weird weather yet this year… besides the complete lack of winter. Ya just never know what’s coming next, here in 2012!

  5. We have to water twice daily in Cedar Rapids, Iowa it is very dry. When I was young and didn’t have a lawn i didn’t care how dry it got; but now that I am tending 2 acres of flowers I wish I could cry enough tears to hydrate them all. I wish you were here to help me. Got to go need to pray for rain Reverend James Condit

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