Quietly Turning

It rained on the flat corner lot. It rained from before dawn on Wednesday and well into afternoon. It rained slowly, soaking parched soil without overfilling it.

While it rained, I checked things off the indoor to-do list. Each check energized me. While it rained, I played in the kitchen. I roasted beets, yams, onions, and garlic and made a golden soup, the first steamy bowl of this new season.

A golden beet, a carrot, a handful of Sun Gold tomatoes, and chunks of roasted turkey simmered in “Morga”, boullion brought to me last Summer from Switzerland. When the vegetables were just tender, I stepped out in the generous rain to snip leaves: chives, parsley, basil, rosemary. Over the pot on the stove, they were further snipped into bits and fell into the saffron brew.

The few tomatoes, which only formed after the horrendous dry heat of mid-Summer, slowly ripen. Potatoes and onions yellow then fall one-by-one. The native and heirloom beans I planted in May and replanted after the hail in June waited for cooler nights to flower and fruit. We have that in common.

Next week’s weather forecast says “dry.” Mornings will be crisp, afternoons deliriously mellow. The beans have plenty of time to mature, and I can let my own seeds plump, turn starchy with food, and harden into polished plantable dreams.

Out near the room-sized cotoneaster, the sprinkler is quietly turning, arcing rainbowed drops on soil still open from Wednesday’s rain. Like a dervish, I’m turning, too, gathering a centered sense of union and awakening visions. I love the lack of frenzy that Autumn brings, both to life and to the garden. It opens me up to the new.


16 thoughts on “Quietly Turning

  1. Lovely post… Soup looks delicious! There is a sense of transition here too – internally, a dormancy and an emergence of sorts, of something from the depths… Love that you are “gathering a sense of union and awakening visions.” Sounds intriguing… 🙂

  2. Rain is certainly a wonderful experience we have once we are lacking…I used to complain but not anymore…the weather just cooled this weekend so I could get in the garden and do more chores…fall is very busy here as I have little time to get in the garden with work. I hope we get more rain as the half inch was a drop in the bucket…but I will take it happily!! That soup looked amazing….

  3. Wow! That soup looks good. I wish you lived closer I could come over and have a bowl with a good friend life is good. I am going to Haiti in October with Joe Kraybacher to paint buildings interior. Check out his website mercy and sharing. We had a good Class reunion we all missed you I deffitnetly did!?! I have little tomatoes, chives, and cilantro; which would be good in your soup (cilantro) keep em coming lady. You make my day Love Jim.

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