My New Best Friends

Did you hear something creak as you opened this post?

It was me.

Even though it feels as though this winter was very short, it will still take a while for muscles to regain their gardening habits.

And even though Spring is very young, I already feel like I’m catching up. How does that happen?

In the meantime, I’d like you to meet my new best friends.

best friends


25 thoughts on “My New Best Friends

  1. I hate getting old makes it hard to get down on your knees to plant bulbs and new seedlings. Knees seem to work better after drinking a glass of aloe and cherry juice; try it! Love you. Be kind to every one and act like a doctors wife.

    • On the contrary, I’m rather enthralled with aging. I s’pose it’s because I still have all my health, and my knees and hips work just fine.

      Being kind has never been an issue, so why act like someone I’m not?

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