What a Ride

Tuesday’s stom was so fierce, even the dandelions, snug to the ground, were blackened.


Roaring winds. Single digit lows. A mere spattering of snow. Tulipa kaufmanniana ‘The First’, filled with bees on Monday, could not bow down far enough.



Tight-fisted buds on the Carol Mackie daphne, crisped. Hyacinths blasted.


The front door tulips? Not likely this year.


Then, yesterday, new signs. Rhubarb keeps on trying.


Narcissus ‘Itzim’ and chionodoxia bloom together.


And this morning, before sunrise, rain. Enough to leave puddles.


Enough to leave a sip in the birdbath.


I couldn’t wait to go out and smell the air. I threw on a hoodie over my pj’s and dug into the earth with bare fingers just to make sure it was real. Even in the driest part of the parking median, the earth was perfectly moist.

Birds are rioting.

The mourning doves have returned.

The front door tulips have been kissed. All is forgiven.



16 thoughts on “What a Ride

  1. I love this, Cheryl. Yes, it was one wild ride last week, but I think things were a little less blasted over here (westside). And I am glad to see the rejuvenation, and the moisture, too! I think we went from a high of 72 degrees on Monday to a high of around 19 on Tues.? Ugh.

    Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2013 14:45:33 +0000 To: maefayne@msn.com

  2. I wasn’t sure how to respond — to lose so much because of the cold, but to be rewarded with much-needed rain. I’m thinking the rain wins. Beautiful words.

  3. The new growth in spring is so precious, and hopeful….and it only takes a little
    something to return to hope….thanks, Cheryl

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