I haven’t even ten minutes to write. It’s Manic, I mean May.

I so wanted to do a post on one of my favorite flowers, but ran out of time to research.

Please, however, read this!



8 thoughts on “Dandylions!

      • I have a professional lawn service and they spray the lawn and put up signs that say “Don’t walk on lawn for 48 hours” so I figure it must be poison. Sorry have to keep up with the Jones’s.

      • 48 HOURS? No way.

        Pardon my hackles… I say get a new lawn service, preferably one that offers organic treatment. And screw the Joneses. Or, better, lead the Joneses into environmentally greener pastures. You’re better than them, anyway. They should be keeping up with you.

  1. I feel your mania…weather, time and weeds are doing me in…I have gotten rid of hundreds as they tried to take over…they are still fighting a valiant battle…one year I hope to get ahead of them so i can harvest them before they flower…we love dandelion greens salad….simple, nutritious and delicious.

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